Do you have Dracula teeth??

Do your teeth look like Dracula’s?? LOL I just posted a video on You Tube with 3 Tips to improve your dental health. Here are some more details.

  1.  Use a tongue scraper. The metal kind is the best. It’s easy to forget about all that slimy bacteria on the tongue when we are brushing are teeth, but trust me, get if off your tongue! These are easy to find online.
  2. Brush your teeth with Organic, unrefined Coconut Oil and with pure essential oils. I can tell you from my own personal experience that this helps so much! I don’t use toothpaste anymore. I just use this mixture and my teeth feel unbelievably clean. Also, I went to the dentist about 1 month ago and my teeth were in better shape than they had ever been, with very little tartar and plaque (which means less scraping from the dentist! Some of the purest essential oils that I’ve found are at:

3.  Balance your Ph. This is the alkalinity vs. the acidity in your system. Too much of either is not a good thing, but too much              acidity can cause many health issues and has even been linked to cancer! You can test your own Ph. The Best of Raw Food explains just how simple it is to test your Ph at http:/


Want to have more energy???

Hi there!

Recently I posted a video with some tips for how to have more energy. We all want that, right? Well, here are some details for you.

  1.  Drink cold water. Hydrate that gorgeous bod of yours! Cold water is great because it can stimulate your cells and wake you up!
  2. Exercise, exercise, exercise!! Move your body in the way that feels best, and the most fun, to you! HIT (High Intensity Training) is one way to do this. It’s basically short workouts that energize you. Here is an example:

    3.  Eat dark chocolate. Dark chocolate is rich in magnesium and iron. It aslo contains theobromine

    This superfood is loaded with cacao and the more cacao, the better. If dark chocolate is too bitter for you,

    sprinkle some sea salt on it to sweeten it up.




Dolphins and whales


Play, play, play!!

Dolphins and whales, dolphins and whales! Save them, save them, from their blowholes to their tails! They teach us so much wisdom, they bring us so much fun! What would we do if the dolphins and the whales were all done?!

Fortunately, they are not all done! I know because I got to spend time with them in one of my favorite places in the world,   Drake Bay. This beautiful paradise is located in a remote area of the Osa Peninsula of Costa Rica. This is one of the richest places in Costa Rica, rich in dolphins, rich in whales, rich in wildlife. Enter Drake Bay and you feel like you have stepped into a magical realm. And the experience of being in a little boat so close to the mamma, baby, and boy humpbacks is one that is definitely exhilarating and life changing. It is a dream within a dream.

Where does the journey begin2