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4 Ways to DETOX

How do you DETOX?  DETOX  with ORCA (a powerful way to cleanse your mind, body, and soul:

O = Open your mind and expand your vision in nature. Get out and spend at least 15-30 minutes a day in nature. She will help you DETOX.

R = Release the toxins from your body, increase your vitality, and stay young. Reduce your intake of foods that you know are harmful to your body and consume more veggies and other foods to cleanse your body. Try my 3-day DETOX program here on my site.

C = Choose to listen to your heart and morph into your greatness. How often do you go with your intuition, with your gut, versus listening to your mind? Your heart brain will lead you to your greatest self. DETOX your mind and listen to your heart!

A = Act massively to follow your dreams!! Once you DETOX, what remains is your innter voice that flows from your heart. Listen to it!


Follow your Heart

You hear it all the time. FOLLOW YOUR HEART, FOLLOW YOUR HEART, FOLLOW YOUR HEART, but how do you FOLLOW YOUR HEART when you have so many bills to pay, when you have so many responsibilities, when you feel pulled in so many different directions? FOLLOW YOUR HEART you say? Is that some time of new age catch phrase or is it real? You have to wake up, take care of your family, take care of yourself, rush here, rush there. FOLLOW YOUR HEART??????? Say what???? When life feels chaotic, how do YOU find your peace in the chaos and FOLLOW YOUR HEART?

Mama Chia - Heart message
Mama Chia – Heart message