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4th of July DOG

So yesterday was the 4th of July and fireworks are still being shot off everywhere in the celebrations. Do you have a DOG? If so, how does your DOG react to the fireworks? Does your DOG feel scared and shake? Unfortunately, for our four-legged and two-legged animal friends, and all of the animalitos, it can be freaky scary. Please think of them on this day, and the days to come.

A friend told me that her mother’s DOG used to get super frightened by the fireworks (and thunder). Then, she read something and decided to try it. She took a dryer sheet (Bounce, etc) and rubbed it all over her DOG, and the dog was calm for the rest of the night! The animals feel the static electricity from the earth and, every time a firecracker goes off, they feel like they are being shocked. She said her mom tried using a thunder jacket, but her DOG was still petrified. On the other hand, the dryer sheet worked! Also, get some Bach Rescue Remedy for Animals. It’s been very effective in many cases!

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